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HotShot Products – Custom Motorized and Manual Wheelchairs along with Unique Accessibility Products for Camping, Beach and All-Terrain Access

Knobby Tire Quick Change Wheel Chair

From Speedboat Racer to Wheelchair

Hank Weseman, Jr., a professional speedboat racer, was thrown head-first at 140 mph into the water and is recovering from brain-stem damage. To fill the void in accessibility for people just like him, he founded Hotshot Products. Click here to view video of Hank's story from Inside Edition Television Special.

Electric and Manual
All-Terrain Beach

Hank has invented an all-terrain wheel system for manual wheelchairs and has designed an electric powered all-terrain beach wheelchair, The Beach Cruzr(TM).

He's a "hands-on" type of person. He not only invents and designs his products, he manufactures them. Hank knows how to get you moving, he's a user of his beach wheelchairs himself.


Beach Wheelchair - Enjoy the beach with family and friends.
Run to meet the waves

Surfs up...come-on down

Hank in Cruzr beach wheelchair on beach with his son
Hank and his son enjoying the beach in the cruzr

Click here to see the CRUZR

Shipping and Freight Prices to Selected States and Countries

Recession Buster! Save Thousands!

Demo Beach Cruzr power wheelchair for sale. This one won't last! New Gearboxes, motors, brakes, batteries, wiring, joystick, module, tires and upgraded 120 amp controller -- offering 50% more power. Full warranty!

Call: 310-533-5911 or

Demo for Sale


Edi Taking Advantage of the ease of Mobility and New-Found Freedom his Cruzr allows as He Ventures through the Forests in His Country of Israel


Power Chair Adapter Kit

HANK HAS DONE IT AGAIN! Times are tough, money is tight but the beach is still there waiting to be explored. Click the link above to see the latest MONEY-SAVING conversion kit for your existing electric wheelchair: The Power Chair Beach All-Terrain Adapter Kit. Now you can enjoy the beach at a fraction of the cost of the custom-built Beach Cruzr using the same quality balloon wheels and mounting systems.

Also on this page - Hank has made available used Cruzr's at great deals. Click the link above for some great deals.

The Beachcomber !
  Ready to go ...

NEW - Wheeleez® Wheels for Sale
NEW - View our Testimonial Page
NEW - Australian Wheelchairs

Click Here for Details

Available NOW! The exciting new Wheeleez Platform Dolly. Beach-access utilizing your existing wheelchair. With fold-down ramps that allow you to to drive a wheelchair directly up onto the platform.


Dear Hank,

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for! Sabrina is in her element, so independent, so free and so happy.

Your beach cruzer is the most fantastic gift we could have hoped for. I can see the effort and heart that you have put into this chair and we are all very grateful.

Here are the first of a few pictures of Sabrina absolutely delighted with her new found freedom. The other people are a couple of her friends.

Thank you a million times!

South Africa

Child in Beach Wheel chair with Friends Photo
Sabrina and friends

Child in Beach Wheelchair Photo
Sabrina and her new-found freedom

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